Trips & Retreats

We take various go on various retreats, conferences, and missions trips throughout the year.  From Fall Retreat to Winter Conference to our spring break trips and Cru Summer Missions, there’s always something coming up!

Cru Winter Conference in Greensboro, NC


Cru’s annual Winter Conference draws more than 1,000 students from 5 states and is guaranteed to be a good time and a growing experience.  Join us in Greensboro, NC this Dec. 28th-Jan. 1st!

For more info.  To register.

Cru Summer Missions


Cru has summer opportunities all over the US and the world!  Need to get a job or internship this summer?  We have a mission for you.  Want to go overseas, or only have 3 weeks, or would love to learn more about being a teacher and a believer?  We have a mission for you.  Browse our extensive opporrtunies and get more information here.

If you’re a concerned parent, we have a page just for you, chocked full of helpful information.